Essential DISC

Essential DISC

The Greatest Denominator is explained as we provide an introduction to the DISC Model of 
Human Behavior.
• The basics, including individual assessments
• Two key questions to identify personality types
• Strengths, blind spots, needs, likes, dislikes and priorities
• Short, concise, fully understandable and implementable
• Develop Full Awareness of Yourself and Others

From here, there are many “drill down” options including:

Individual Dynamics

  • Understanding the Acts, Wants, Fears, and Responses of People
  • Behavior Tendencies
  • Identifying Decision-Making Styles and Problem Solving Approaches
  • Communication Tips to Motivation
  • Increase Effective Interaction
  • Enhance Professional Relationships

InterAction Dynamics

  • Compare and Contrast You and Your Coworker
  • Increase Mutual Respect
  • Defining Ongoing Conflict
  • Finding Understanding and Common Ground
  • Analysis of Potential Conflict
  • Clarification of Expectations
  • Development of Respect and Strengthening the Team


  • Build Your Team with the Right Combination of People on the Bus
  • Communicate to Motivate
  • Understanding one Another’s Natural Wants and Needs
  • Get the Complete Picture of Each Team Member
  • Develop Trust

Presenting with Style

  • Develop Immediate Rapport and Trust
  • Understanding the Language, Words, Tones, Priorities of Others
  • Use Better Communication Strategies Based on Expectations and Motivations

Conflict Resolution

  • Identifying Types of Conflict
  • Understand Expectations
  • Segmenting Appropriate Conflict Responses
  • Negotiating Strategies
  • Resolving Differences
  • Create a Better Environment
  • Reduce Stress and Tension
  • Develop Strong Relationships
  • Lead better!

Leadership@Work – Session 1

  • Becoming a Dynamic and Effective Leader
  • Build Stronger Teams
  • Insights into Your Drive and the Drives of Others
  • Understanding of What You Do Based on Your Personality
  • You Must Learn to Lead Yourself Before You Can Lead Others!

Leadership@Work – Session 2

  • Introspective View Toward Your Success
  • Facets of THE WHY Behind Your Needs & Desires Including:
  • Industry Facet
  • Interaction Facet
  • Relationship Facet
  • Cognition Facet
  • Control Facet
  • Identity Facet