About Craig and Insights to You !!

Craig Venard

Craig Venard is a Certified Human Behavior Consultant.  In this capacity he combines a wealth of experience in conducting training and educational seminars in the DISC model of human behavior, leadership, innovation and resiliency. An avid reader, Craig has a passion and talent to interconnect and cross-pollinate information from non-related sources to present a memorable experience in learning.

As a speaker, Craig teaches in coloring-book and crayon language to give people what they need to connect with the material and utilize it immediately. Interactive in his style, he combines humor, sensitivity and boldness to make a powerful impact on the audience.

Experienced in many areas of leadership, presenting in various formats, from farmers at
 DisneyWorld, Chevrolet dealers in Paris, Country Club Managers in California, and youth leadership in local 
high schools, Craig is comfortable in any environment.

Craig was personally trained by Dr. Robert Rohm. founder of Personality Insights Institute, and
 earned his Certification and Advanced Training in human behavior.

As well, Craig trains organizations with Innovation Styles®, a unique approach to problem solving and innovation,created by William C. Miller, former head of the Innovation Management at SRI International, (Stanford Research Institute).

An energetic and interactive speaker, Craig presents in a fun and yet transforming way, lacing 
the training with relatable stories and anecdotes.